Friday, 13 April 2018


Afternoon everyone,

we're now at the end of the second week of Carmen Marchena Alonso's exhibition, so we'd like to show you a few photos from the gallery. To catch "64°north", you can visit us in Pontypool till the 25th of April. There's also an interesting interview with Carmen by whattaroll magazine, so follow the link to read more about her work and travels to Greenland. 


Monday, 9 April 2018

"summer passage" in the Market Hall Cinema

Evening everyone,

We'd like to share some photographs from Stéphane Vendran's exhibition in the charming foyer of Brynmawr's Market Hall Cinema. "summer passage" is open every day during the cinema's screening hours, so make sure you check their schedule before you travel to see it!


Wednesday, 4 April 2018

in memory of Román

Carmen would like to dedicate 64°north to her good friend and fellow mountaineer and climber Román, who, along with 2 other mountaineers died in an avalanche on the 31st of March while working as a guide on a skiing expedition in the Swiss Alps.­

"Adios, me voy"

En primavera
como duelen los mirlos... 
[Carmen Marchena Alonso]

"64°north" opening

Yesterday we opened our 3rd exhibition so far this year and we'd just like to share some photos with you from the day. But first we'd just like to thank Carmen for agreeing to be part of the exhibition and sharing her images with us at 76m2 and our visitors, we'd also like to thank everyone who came yesterday, it was great hearing people's thoughts on Carmen's work!

Monday, 2 April 2018

"64°north" installation

Evening everyone,

before we open Carmen Marchena Alonso's exhibition, we'd like to share some images from today's installation. The show is starting tomorrow (April the 3rd) and everyone is welcome to join us in 76m2 between 14 and 17 for tea, coffee and snacks! 


And while waiting for "64°north", you can see more of Carmen's work on her flickr page and 
read an interview with her by whattaroll magazine

The exhibition will be open till the 25th of April, Tuesday to Saturday, 11 to 18.