Friday, 18 March 2016

exhibition updates


we have a few exhibition updates that we'd like to share.

"lost and found" in Bargoed has been going very well and we've had more submissions! Here are a couple of them:

(submissions by Ron Gibbs from Bargoed)

(submissions by Dr David Williams)

Everyone is welcome to bring their old photographs or negatives to scan in the gallery 
and, if you like, add the images to the projection on our wall!

There are also two other exhibitions in the Valleys that we'd like to remind you about:

"in passing" by Russian photographer Andrew Pershin is on in Brynmaw'r Market Hall Cinema till the end of March:

"inland ice" by  Andrew Pershin

and "We Are Ghosts" by our project's Dafydd Williams is on display in Blackwood Miners' Institutealso till the end of the month:

Thursday, 17 March 2016

"daydreams" - walls, part II (projections)


it is with a slight delay that we'd like to share the second part of images from "daydreams" which we closed at the beginning of March. 

During the exhibition, we had two projections, with photos by Tina Kazakhishvili and Mano Svanidze. Each projection had its individual order and the photographs were displayed simultaneously, but the way the two sets interacted with each other was decided randomly by the projectors, depending on which projection started first on a given day. 

Here is section one, with double exposures and portraits by Tina:

and here is the second projection, with photos by Mano:

(the colours of the projection were difficult to capture, so visit the photographers' websites for reference)

Monday, 14 March 2016

exhibition updates - "in passing" by Andrew Pershin and "We Are Ghosts" by Dafydd Williams

Evening everyone,

other than "lost and found" in Bargoed, there are two more exhibitions in the area that we'd like to remind you about:

We'll be showing "in passing" by Andrew Pershin in Brynmawr's Market Hall Cinema

And "We Are Ghosts" by our project's Dafydd Williams is currently open in Blackwood Miners' Institute:

Thursday, 10 March 2016

"daydreams" - walls, part I

Evening everyone,

last week we closed "daydreams", a group exhibition of young Georgian photographers.

As promised, we're now posting photographs of the gallery walls for those of you who couldn't make it to the show. Tonight it's part one - photos of prints by Kakha Kakhiani and Sophie Berdzenishvili; part two - photos of projections with images by Mano Svanidze and Tina Kazakhishvili - will be up soon!

(from Grainy Georgia series)

(from Turnhout <CityBook> series)

You can find more photos by Kakha on his website and facebook page.


And here's our selection of Sophie's photos:

"useless trees" and "sour grapes"

 "sunlight to your tree bones" + "and if I wake from dreams"

"the birth", "at our first bleeding" and "in soulless searching"

You can see more of Sophie's work in her portfolio.

"lost and found" Bargoed opening

Afternoon everyone,

today we'd like to share a few images from the opening day of Bargoed's "lost and found" exhibition.
A big thanks to all the visitors and everyone who has submitted their photographs!

And for those of you who didn't get the chance to bring their photos earlier, we have a scanner in the gallery and can help you digitise your old prints or negatives. They can also be added to the projection on our gallery wall.


The exhibition will be open Monday to Saturday, 10.30-6 till the 26th of March.

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

"lost and found" in Bargoed - Welsh info

Mae “colli a chanfod” yn rhoi sylw i gopïau o ffotograffau analog a gyflwynwyd gan aelodau o'n cymuned leol ym Margoed a thramor.

Gyda ffotograffiaeth ddigidol o'n cwmpas ym mhob man dymunem atgoffa pawb am bwysigrwydd printiau go iawn nad ydynt yn cael eu dileu'n rhwydd ac a all barhau am genedlaethau. Gofynnwyd i bobl gael golwg arall ar eu llyfrau lluniau, yr arferai pawb ohonom fod â hwy a'u llenwi gydag atgofion o wyliau, dathliadau a chipluniau o fywyd bob dydd.

Gwelsom drysorau go iawn, adroddiadau am orffennol pobl a hefyd orffennol y technegau ffotograffig a phrintio na chânt bellach yn defnyddio ar raddfa helaeth.

Bydd y lluniau yn cael eu cyflwyno fel printiau a rhagamcanion ar ein waliau oriel.
Hoffem ddiolch i bawb a ymddiriedodd ynom gyda'u ffotograffau ac felly godi cwr y llen ar eu bywydau a'u hymdrechion artistig.

“colli a chanfod” yw'r chweched arddangosfa ffotograffiaeth a drefnwyd yn Bargoed gan brosiect *kickplate*  diolch i grantiau gan Gyngor Celfyddydau Cymru (Llywodraeth Cymru a'r Arian y Loteri), Datblygu'r Celfyddydau Caerffili on Cyngor Tref Bargoed.

Monday, 7 March 2016

"lost and found" in Bargoed

“lost and found” is an exhibition of analogue photographs brought to the gallery by our visitors from Bargoed and a little beyond.

In the times of digital photography we wanted to remind everyone about the importance of physical prints that don’t get deleted easily and that can last for generations. We asked people to have another look at their photo albums, the type that all of us used to have and that we’d fill up with memories of holidays, celebrations and snapshots of everyday life.

They are not only accounts of people’s past, but also of past photographic and printing techniques that are no longer used on a mass scale, as well as anthropological and historical documents.

The photographs will be presented as prints and projections on our gallery walls.

We’d like to thank everyone who trusted us with their photographs and thus gave us an insight into their lives and artistic endeavours.

The exhibition is opening in the Hanbury Road Gallery (52 Hanbury Road) in Bargoed on the 9th of March at 12 and will run until the 26th of March, Mon-Sat from 10.30 to 6.

Welsh info coming soon!

It is the 6th and penultimate exhibition organised in this space by the*kickplate*project thanks to grants from the Arts Council of Wales (Welsh Government and Lottery Funding),
Caerphilly Arts Development and Bargoed Town Council.

"daydreams" - some more images

Evening everyone,

"daydreams" closed last Wednesday, but we'd like to share a few more images from the last days of the exhibition. Photographs of the exhibition walls will follow soon, for now we're busy preparing our new show, "lost and found".