Saturday, 23 December 2017

thank you and plans for 2018!

last week we closed "longitude", which was our final exhibition of the 2017 gallery project, 76m2. So now we're taking a bit of a break over the Christmas and New Year to catch our breath and start getting ready for our plans for next year!

A little more on that later, but first we'd just like to thank Nóra for all the hard work and time she put into the making of "longitude", the exhibition was very popular and, in terms of the number of artists featured, it was the biggest of the year. We know that it wasn't easy for Nóra rounding everyone up, but she did an amazing job bringing everyone together and arranging such a complex group of images. We'd also like to thank all the artists who participated in the exhibition, we appreciate you agreeing to show your work at the gallery, and we know the people in town also enjoyed being able to see it!

And so on to next year, last week we got the good news that our new funding application with the Arts Council of Wales was successful, which means, that along with support and grants from Torfaen Council Arts Development and Pontypool Community Council, we will be able to keep 76m2 open for another year and we'll have a whole new set of exhibitions and photographers to share with everyone who follows online and our visitors in Pontypool!

We'll also be continuing our collaboration with the Market Hall Cinema in Brynmawr, and will have a new exhibition opening there in January. There are also a couple of other projects we have planned, but for now we're keeping those under our hat.

As always, we'll be posting information about the upcoming exhibitions at the gallery and other projects here, facebook and twitter. We'll have more information about what's coming in the new year soon!

Finally, we'd just like to thank everyone who's visited the gallery in the last year, and to everyone in Pontypool for supporting the gallery by visiting and making us feel welcome, and the Arts Council of Wales, Torfaen Council's Arts Development and Pontypool Community Council.

All the best and we hope you have a wonderful holiday, however you're celebrating, and a happy New Year!

Zosia & Dafydd

PS and to everyone who had their portraits taken during "1871", you can collect them from the gallery in January if you haven't yet!

Saturday, 16 December 2017

"longitude" - third set of images and thank you!

Evening everyone,

today was the last day of "longitude", so we'd like to show you the third and final set of photographs included in Nóra's show:


We would like to thank Nóra Barabás for working with us and creating this show,
and all the artists who agreed to participate:

Carmen Marchena Alonso
Eli Geller
Éric Antoine
Frédéric Chabot
Ladislav Viszoczky
Marcela Paniak
Matteo Varsi
Megan Cump
Melih Dönmezer
Nanne Springer
Olivia Kohnke
Rebecca Cairns
Sonia Firlej
Stéphane Pellennec
Terry Magson
Timothy Wilson
Yulia Kazban

Also, a big thanks to everyone who's come to visit us in Pontypool this year!
It's been a pleasure getting to know you all, and also seeing our visitors from previous projects.
We'll have more updates for you very soon.

Wednesday, 13 December 2017

"longitude" - second set of images

Good evening,

Tonight we'd like to share three more sets of images that make part of "longitude", show curated for us by Nóra Barabás.

Below the images you can find links to the photographers' pages, so follow them to find more of their work. "longitude" continues in 76m2 until Saturday the 16th of December.

Rebecca Cairns (middle)

Esthaem (bottom)

from left to right: 

you can click the images to enlarge them or see them, 
along with other project updates, on our facebook page

Friday, 8 December 2017

"longitude" - first 4 diptychs

Evening everyone,

Now that "longitude" has been open for a week, we'd like to show you the first 4 diptychs included in the exhibition curated by Nóra Barabás, with links to the artists' pages so you can see more of their work.

First off is the diptych featuring in the poster, with images by Yulia Kazban and Eli Geller; the following 3 diptychs are arranged in the order of the photographs on our gallery walls.

 Yulia Kazban (left) and Eli Geller (right)


We'd also like to let you know that we've joined a campaign called "Standing Up 4 Sitting Down", which encourages shop owners and venues to make their facilities available to people who would like to have a rest and a sit down, letting everyone know that they're welcome to come in and take a seat, which will hopefully make town centres more friendly places, and easier to visit, especially for elderly people or people with health problems. We think it's a great idea!


Monday, 4 December 2017

"longitude" opening and project updates

Morning everyone,

"longitude", a group exhibition curated for us by Nóra Barabás, opened last Friday and we'd like to share some photographs from the opening of the exhibition. You can find links to the artists' work and read more about the show in English and Welsh on our website. The show will run until the 16th of December and this time round we're also open on Mondays! 

We'd also like to let you know that, while this exhibition is our last one this year, we'll be bringing "summer passage" by French photographer Stéphane Vendran to Brynmawr's Market Hall Cinema (the oldest cinema in Wales!) after our New Year's break. We created "summer passage" for New Tredegar's White Rose Information and Resource Centre last year and we're happy that Stéphane's analogue photographs from his summer travel through Central and Eastern Europe to the Black Sea will brighten up the winter again, this time in Brynmawr! 

Last but not least, all the photos that Dafydd took during "1871" are now ready to be handed to their owners, so if you've sat for a portrait, just pop in and pick it up from 76m2!