Sunday, 9 September 2018

"tenderfoot" curated by Grace Hannell opens on Tuesday the 11th

As we mentioned yesterday, while we're off for a couple-weeks' break, the gallery will be taken over by young photographer Grace Hannell. You can read more about the show below - and as the gallery will be open with slightly reduced hours (also below), make sure you bear that in mind before your visit!

We snatch in vein at Nature's veil,
She is mysterious in broad daylight,
No screws or levers can compel her to reveal
The secrets she has hidden from our sight.

(extract from Faust by Goethe)

"tenderfoot" is a show curated by Grace Hannell, bringing together six photographers who each interpret a natural environment essential to their lives in six different ways. Here, we see Forest, Fenland, Moorland, River and Ocean, depicted visually through the eyes of young photographers, attempting to understand the natural environments around them, both directly personal and those they learnt to love, and recognize what power they hold in a world so preoccupied with man-made distractions. 

Samuel Fradley, Kirsten Wright, Natalie Finch, Laurie Hicks, Jack Hornett, Grace Hannell

(text: Grace Hannell)

“tenderfoot” is a guest show that runs in addition to the programme of exhibitions organised in 2018 at 76m2, Pontypool by the*kickplate*project, with support from the Arts Council of Wales, Torfaen Council's Arts Development and Pontypool Community Council.

the exhibition opens on Tuesday the 11th of September between 17 and 20 
- everyone is welcome to come along!

11th – 27th September
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 11.00 – 16.30

2 Portland Buildings
Commercial Street

Saturday, 8 September 2018

"horizons dissolved" closing and new show coming up!

Evening everyone,

On Friday we closed Nils Karlson's exhibition, curated for us by Keith Mendenhall. Here are a few more images from the show, and in case you've missed it, make sure you visit Nils's website to see his wonderful work.  



We will now be taking a late summer break, but before we go, we have some good news - the gallery will remain open (with slightly reduced hours), hosting "tenderfoot" - a guest exhibition by young curator and photographer Grace Hannell. The show is opening on Tuesday the 11th of September and will run till the 27th of September. More info coming very soon!