Sunday, 31 January 2016

"shadows" by Yulia Kazban - gallery walls, part I + "We Are Ghosts" in Brynmawr's Market Hall Cinema

Evening everyone,

today was the final day of Yulia Kazban's solo exhibition "shadows" in the Hanbury Road Gallery.

For those of you who couldn't make it to Bargoed, we're going to post images of Yulia's exhibition on our gallery walls - so here's the first part!

Also, we'd like to let you know that "We Are Ghosts", a solo show by the*kickplate*project's Dafydd Williams portraying the beauty of old buildings scattered around the Gwent valleys, is now on in Brynmawr's Market Hall Cinema. All the images were taken with Dafydd's homemade large format camera and are one-off unique prints. The exhibition is organised with the support of the Arts Council of Wales, Torfaen Arts Development, Market Hall Cinema and Blackwood Miners' Institute. It has already visited Pontypool Indoor Market in autumn and will travel to Blackwood Miners' Institute in March. You can read more about the exhibition on Dafydd's page, make sure you check the Cinema's schedule before visiting!

Our next exhibition will be opening around the 9th of February - more info and the exact dates coming soon!

Saturday, 16 January 2016

opening day and Bargoed town

Mornin' all,

We'd just like to share with you some photos from our opening day of "shadows" by Yulia Kazban. Thank you very much to everyone who made the effort to battle the cold in Bargoed, we had a great day!

 And for those of you unfamiliar with Bargoed, here are some photos from around the town.

Bargoed Emporium, once a grand department store, now empty

Ty Marisa, a very friendly cafe run by the Rossi family

another former department store

the road leading into town centre

Bargoed Library, a converted chapel building  - outside

and inside


Bargoed Park


"shadows" will be open until the 31st of January
Hanbury Road Gallery
52 Hanbury Rd
Tuesday - Saturday, 10:30 - 18:00

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

"shadows" by Yulia Kazban - installation

Morning everyone,

before we open Yulia's exhibition today at 12, we'd like to share some photos from last night's installation:

See you in Bargoed!

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Yulia Kazban - artist info

Yulia Kazban was born in Ukraine and grew up in Russia; she lives and works in Moscow.

Yulia works with analogue photography and prints her images using traditional techniques, prevalently lith printing. She depicts a variety of subjects, from portrait through landscape and cityscape to abstract. As a visual artist, Yulia is reluctant to describe the process of her work or what meaning or context the images may have to her, preferring to let them speak to the viewer themselves:

It can influence the viewer or not. The viewer can feel the author's intention or not, can find something for themselves or not, feel changes inside or not. Often any description is superfluous. I don't like to use words for telling the viewer about the specific context and hold them in the framework. I don't like to pull the work into an invented result.  If I want to create borders for the viewer, I have to create those borders through my work, without instructions and descriptions.  

We at the*kickplate*project agree with this sentiment and will therefore let Yulia's photography speak for itself.  You can find her images on Tumblr and Flickr.

"shadows" will be open in Hanbury Road Gallery until the 31st of January.


Mae "cysgodion" yn arddangosfa solo gan y ffotograffydd Yulia Kazban a anwyd yn yr Wcráin ac sy'n gweithio ym Moscow, sy'n agor ar 13 Ionawr yn Oriel Heol Hanbury, Bargoed.

Mae Yulia yn gweithio gyda ffotograffiaeth ffilm ac yn printio ei delweddau'n defnyddio technegau traddodiadol, yn bennaf brintio lith. Mae'n gweithio gydag amrywiaeth o bynciau, o bortreadau hyd dirluniau a dinasluniau i haniaethol.

Fel artist gweledol, mae Yulia yn amharod i ddisgrifio proses ei gwaith neu pa ystyr neu gyd-destun sydd gan y delweddau iddi, gan fod yn well ganddi adael iddynt siarad gyda'r gwyliwr eu hunain:

Gall ddylanwadu ar y gwyliwr ai peidio. Gall y gwyliwr deimlo bwriad yr awdur ai peidio,gallu canfod rhywbeth drostynt eu hunain ai peidio, teimlo newidiadau tu mewn ai peidio.

Yn aml mae unrhyw ddisgrifiad yn ddiangen. Nid wyf yn hoffi defnyddio geiriau i ddweud wrth y gwyliwr am y cyd-destun penodol a'u dal yn y fframwaith. Nid wyf yn hoffi tynnu'r gwaith i ganlyniad a ddyfeisiwyd. Os wyf eisiau creu ffiniau ar gyfer y gwyliwr, mae'n rhaid i mi greu'r ffiniau hynny drwy fy ngwaith, heb gyfarwyddiadau a disgrifiadau.

Rydym ni ym mhrosiect *kickplate* yn cytuno gyda'r farn yma a byddwn felly'n gadael i ffotograffiaeth Yulia siarad drosto'i hun.

"shadows" by Yulia Kazban - more info

Morning everyone,

today we're installing Yulia's exhibition before tomorrow's opening. This time, instead of an evening preview, we're going to have an opening day starting at 12, so pop in for tea and snacks! We'll be waiting for you in Bargoed till 6 o'clock - you can find directions to Hanbury Road Gallery gallery on our website.

After this, the exhibition will be open as usual, so 10.30 to 6 Tuesday to Saturday, till the 31st of January.

We'll post some images from the install later - for now we'd like to share some of Yulia's lith-printed images.

You can also visit Yulia's Flickr and Tumblr pages to see more of her work.

Artist info coming soon!

Friday, 8 January 2016

"shadows" by Yulia Kazban

Hi everyone,

we're happy to let you all know that after a little work we'll be reopening next week with our first show of 2016. "shadows" is a solo exhibition featuring Yulia Kazban and opens on the 13th of January at 12.

more info soon!