Friday, 8 December 2017

"longitude" - first 4 diptychs

Evening everyone,

Now that "longitude" has been open for a week, we'd like to show you the first 4 diptychs included in the exhibition curated by Nóra Barabás, with links to the artists' pages so you can see more of their work.

First off is the diptych featuring in the poster, with images by Yulia Kazban and Eli Geller; the following 3 diptychs are arranged in the order of the photographs on our gallery walls.

 Yulia Kazban (left) and Eli Geller (right)


We'd also like to let you know that we've joined a campaign called "Standing Up 4 Sitting Down", which encourages shop owners and venues to make their facilities available to people who would like to have a rest and a sit down, letting everyone know that they're welcome to come in and take a seat, which will hopefully make town centres more friendly places, and easier to visit, especially for elderly people or people with health problems. We think it's a great idea!


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