Thursday, 10 March 2016

"daydreams" - walls, part I

Evening everyone,

last week we closed "daydreams", a group exhibition of young Georgian photographers.

As promised, we're now posting photographs of the gallery walls for those of you who couldn't make it to the show. Tonight it's part one - photos of prints by Kakha Kakhiani and Sophie Berdzenishvili; part two - photos of projections with images by Mano Svanidze and Tina Kazakhishvili - will be up soon!

(from Grainy Georgia series)

(from Turnhout <CityBook> series)

You can find more photos by Kakha on his website and facebook page.


And here's our selection of Sophie's photos:

"useless trees" and "sour grapes"

 "sunlight to your tree bones" + "and if I wake from dreams"

"the birth", "at our first bleeding" and "in soulless searching"

You can see more of Sophie's work in her portfolio.

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