Tuesday, 25 February 2014

introducing 'dall'Esterno' artists: Migle Backovaite

Migle Backovaite is a Lithuanian photographer based in London. 

She uses a wide range of cameras and techniques, working with both film and digital. Migle works professionally as a photographer, specialising in art, fashion and portraiture.

In her work, she explores a variety of themes, with a particular focus on the individuality of her models and on how the interaction with her subjects affects her as an artist and as a person:

"I like creating an image of the self that is not yet known, the self that is full of mysticism and intrigue. I like exploring the darker side of the moon as well as the hidden parts of the human nature. Through photography I get to know myself."

Migle's style is characterised by a taste for surreal imagery as well as theatrical and symbolic representations. 

In her landscape photography, Migle creates images that are contemplative and dream-like in their in their composition and the use of colours, and it’s the genre she says she enjoys the most:

"In landscapes I find myself. There is no need to analyse, interpret, or understand, the creation is in front of me, pure and clear, even though ever-changing but beautiful forever."

You can see the variety of Migle's work in her portfolio and on her Facebook page.

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