Monday, 16 February 2015

"standing still" - introducing Alexey Ostrovskiy

Alexey Ostrovskiy is a fine art photographer, graphic designer and musician living and working in Kiev. He works mainly with photographic paper and a modified lens, using a 13x18cm large-format camera that he constructed himself. 

Alexey’s photography is very personal, quiet and meditative; he creates classically arranged still lifes, some of them in cooperation with his wife Katerina, as well as melancholic landscapes and unconventional portraits

Many of Alexey’s images capture brief moments, impressions of places and people’s emotions rather than aiming to define reality objectively. 

You can see more of Alexey's work on his page.

'standing still' is opening on the 22nd of February
in The Abacus, Cardiff, Wales.

you can join our event here

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