Sunday, 7 June 2015

"case studies" - Andy


today we're introducing Andy, the second camera that Dafydd built and rebuilt, and then rebuilt more. 

The camera was made in Naples, again with pieces of wood (this time not foraged), a bellows made from a second-hand scarf and cereal boxes. But because of a lack of tools and space to work (mainly because we were living and working in a travel hostel at the time), some of the sawing and drilling was done as favours by a few of the family workshops that are still littered throughout the city.

It was then assembled on the table of said hostel in the hours between the coming and going of tourists.

The camera was built to use bigger film than its predecessor, but to also be smaller and lighter so that it could be taken to and carried around Sri Lanka - which it was, and which it survived, much to our surprise. Using different backs, the camera can use a variety of film and sizes; 6x6 roll film, 3x4 polaroids, sheet film and paper negatives up to 4x5, and is currently being used for experiments with home-coated glass negatives.

Later on, Andy was given a handy handle made out of an old screwdriver, got several focus rail upgrades and a facelift due to being dropped, which unfortunately means the eponymous Andy of the front was retired. 

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