Thursday, 16 August 2018

"horizons dissolved"

At this moment, your state of mind is by nature pure emptiness. This state of mind is not just blank emptiness, it is unobstructed, sparkling, pure and vibrant.

German photographer Nils Karlson’s work is best understood alongside the above passage from the Tibetan Book of the Dead, which describes the honest and undisturbed connection to the environment that Karlson renders in his images. 

Separate from ever-growing modern pressures and distractions, the images evoke the simple, pure and joyous state that our mind adopts when faced with a beautiful natural creation, such as the infinitely large and unfathomable oceans of our world. Karlson’s work lets us view two of the everlasting features of our planet, the sea and the sky, through his silent and delicate gaze.

I find my mind walking on plains devoid of the dissonant artefacts of human behaviour. On these plains, my mind finds solitude, silence, peace.
(text by Grace Hannel)

“horizons dissolved” has been curated by American photographer Keith Mendenhall.

You can see Nils’s photographs on his page
and find Keith’s work on

“horizons dissolved” is the seventh in a series of 9 exhibitions that will be organised in 2018 in 76m2, Pontypool by the*kickplate*project, with the support from the Arts Council of Wales, Torfaen Council's Arts Development and Pontypool Community Council.

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