Thursday, 10 October 2013

Exhibition closing...

Hello everyone,

So tomorrow is the last day of the (extended) exhibition and we have one last image for you.

We'd like to thank all the artists who agreed to participate in the exhibition and to everyone who donated to kickstarter so that we could fund and show these excellent collaborative works.

The exhibition has been a huge success, the number of people visiting the gallery has risen again and that is a testament to the quality of work on show. Our daily average has increased and once again we've had people come back to view the photos, sometimes a few times, and give us their interpretation of each collaboration.

We'd also like to thank Head4Arts and the Big Draw for giving us the opportunity to keep the gallery open these extra two days as part of our collaboration for this year's Big Draw.We'll be posting images from the event soon.


During the exhibition, we showed collaborations between artists from the following countries/states (and in the following configuration; the number stands for the number of collaborations shown):

Poland (Alicja) - France (Pierre-Henri) x3
Canada (Isabelle) - Lebanon (Hanan)
USA, New York (Stefanie) - Austria (Birgit)
USA, California (Jill) - USA, Wisconsin (Jeremy)
Lebanon (Hanan) - Hungary (Nóra) x2
Canada (Isabelle) - USA, Detroit (Kim) - Austria (Birgit)
Austria (Birgit) - Wales (Dafydd) x2
USA, California (Mark) - Austria (Birgit)
Bulgaria (Mihail) - Canada (Isabelle) - Belgium (Cyril)
Israel (Ilil) - Lebanon (Hanan)
Belgium (Cyril) - France (Sébastien)
USA, New York (Stefanie) - Lebanon (Hanan)
Poland (Zosia) - Wales (Dafydd)
Germany (Debora) - Belgium (Cyril)

To sum up: 12 countries, 18 artists and 18 collaborations! 

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