Monday, 9 December 2013

the obscure camera featuring Florian Schmidt

Hello everyone,

As you may already now we will be showing both community photographs, submitted by members of the public, and a small selection of abstract images during the next exhibition. 

We will be featuring photographs by German photographer Florian Schmidt. He is a self-taught photographer who uses photography as a form of self-expression and as a way to navigate his own thoughts and emotions. Florian's images usually depict urban architecture and monochrome landscapes. Often with heavy and sad overtones, his images have a sense of loneliness and confusion that are a visualisations of emotions and Florian's own state of mind at the time.

More recently though, Florian has been experimenting with colour in his abstract photography. His images of urban abstractions is an ongoing series of photographs focusing on colours and geometry and photographing a small section of  buildings and cityscapes, he removes their normal context and creates a new aesthetic that has is own context and emotional resonance. In contrast to his normal photography, the vibrant colours and interplay of shapes have a feeling of lightness and elegance that gives the viewer a sense of hope and calmness.

You can see more of Florians images on his page, art limited and deviantArt.

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