Wednesday, 23 September 2015

"chemical bath" artists: Anne Campbell


We'd like to introduce you today to our second featured artist exhibiting in "chemical bath"... 

Anne Campbell is a Scottish photographer and artist living and working in the Northeast of Scotland. She works with many different traditional techniques such as infra red film, lith and oil printing and experimental processes such as mordançage.

As part of the "chemical bath" we will be showing several of Anne's photograms, which is a way of capturing or creating images on light sensitive paper by arranging objects on the paper and then exposing it to light. Anne also experiments with photogramming the chemicals involved in the photographic processes themselves.

Anne is interested in capturing and examining the textures of the natural environment and the techniques she uses allow her to render the intricate textures and delicate colours of the landscapes and objects she finds and portrays. Working with alternative processes has also drawn her to the aesthetics of chemical reactions that make up analogue photography.

"Alongside experimenting with a variety of organic materials found on my travels around Scotland, I also started to look at the chemicals involved in the photographic processes themselves. These tiny crystalline structures reveal an immense and surprising universe, of incredible variety and beauty which I have captured using the photograms technique."

Anne is part of the Donview Studio Collective, a group of artists based in Monymusk, Aberdeenshire, and belongs to Documenting Britain and the Bromoil Circle of Great Britain. She also runs darkrooms at Gray's School of Art in Aberdeen.

You can see more of Anne's photographs and photograms on her page.

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