Sunday, 21 February 2016

daydreams artist I - Sophie Berdzenishvili

We'd like to write a note of introduction for those of you who'd like to know more about our photographers featured in "daydreams".

As usual, we like to let their work speak for itself and so we'll try to be brief.

Up first is Sophie Berdzenishvili. 

[...] photography is a therapy; it helps me get to know myself better. Everything I do is a self portrait, my photos are a reflection of my mood, emotions and the world I live in [...]

In her photography, Sophie analyses the representation of the female body, and through the minimalist, striking and often surreal setting of her images, she captures the social, cultural, political and religious entrapment of women, their identity, and their liberation. 

Her photography challenges and subverts stereotypical positioning of female models in art and reflects the universal feminist questions. 

You can see more of Sophie’s photos on her page and in her portfolio.

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