Sunday, 24 April 2016

Hanbury Road Gallery - closing day

Dear all,

Friday was the last day of the Hanbury Road Gallery in Bargoed. We closed with Stanka Koleva's exhibition "I let myself be bird" and a PhotoRenga workshop with David Sinden. Photos taken during the workshop and more exhibition photos coming soon! For now here are a few photos from the exhibition and the last couple of days at the gallery:

We'd like to thank the artists who have exhibited with us over the last 8 months: Hanan Kazma, Marianne Priest, Charles Guerin, Anne Campbell, Laci Viszoczky, Toralf Sümmchen, Andrew Pershin, Yulia Kazban, Kakha Kakhiani, Tina Kazakhishvili, Mano Svanidze, Sophie Berdzenishvili and Stanka Koleva, as well as all our visitors who participated in the community photo exhibition and everyone who has visited us in Bargoed!

Also, thanks to our funding partners: the Arts Council of Wales, Caerphilly Arts Development and Bargoed Town Council. 

Finally, we'd like to let you know that we made the draw for the raffle at the gallery on Friday and we're happy to announce that the three winners are R.Harris, Clair Richards and Calvin Morgan - congratulations!

We're already working on further exhibitions and we'll have updates about new projects in Caerphilly and around soon.

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