Thursday, 23 February 2017

Full Fathom Five news & gallery updates

Morning everyone,

now that the second week of Celia Jackson's solo exhibition has started, we have a couple of updates for you.

First of all, here's some more info about Sana Ginwalla's charity project supported by the sale of postcards with images from "Full Fathom Five" (they've been designed by Sana and Celia & are available in our gallery for 50p each - or if you'd like to order some, just drop us an email!)

(photo by Celia Jackson)

"As part of my Final Major Project, I decided to create photographs back home in Zambia with the very people who make Zambia feel like it is my home. I photographed six people that my family employ. My subjects were the maids and gardeners whom I see everyday, who take care of my family as well as theirs and who live two lives for the sake of making a livelihood.

Photographing them over a period of four weeks and also visiting their homes and families, the reality of their situation was made more apparent to me than in all ten years of knowing them. Though employed and cared for by my family, I felt a sort of responsibility and debt towards each person. I want to help in my own way, separate from my what my family has been providing.

Carrying out this project- as a student myself- has given me the consciousness to want to help others to receive an education too. I want the children of each of the subjects in my photographs to receive an education. I want their parents to have one less outgoing cost in order for their standard of living to improve even if it is by the slightest.

Speaking to each of the subjects about their situation, the universal reason behind why each of them work comes down to them wanting to educate their children so that they do not have to resort to domestic work too. Having lived in Zambia all my life, this to me seems to be the way forward- for not just these families, but on a greater scale- for the country too. How are children, Zambia or Africa going to progress and continue to be an asset to the world if the promise and security of education is absent?

With the generosity and support of my lecturer Celia Jackson, funding for this project has already begun! She has been the first donor, kindly contributing first with a £50 donation and furthermore from selling postcard prints of her images. The aim is to be able to raise at least £1000 in order to suffice for the children of each of the subjects involved in the project. Liaisons with more charities are underway as I hope to have an official organisation to support the project in order to further raise money."


We'd also like to let you know our darkroom has now been listed on Ilford's Local Darkroom page! (It's a very useful one for finding a darkroom near you) We're looking forward to meeting photographers and beginners who would like to use it. We have trays, chemicals and a colour enlarger which can also be used for b&w & it can be used for 35mm and medium format (up to 6x9), soon to be joined by a 4x5" one. We also have paper, although if you'd like to do a big printing session, you'll have to bring your own!

Finally, we'd like to share a brilliant invention brought to us by one of our visitors, Adrian John Markey - behold this homemade portable studio/outdoors lighting system! Patent pending :-)

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