Sunday, 12 February 2017

Full Fathom Five opening

Morning everyone,

Here are some photographs from Saturday's opening of Celia Jackson's solo exhibition "Full Fathom Five", the first show in 76m2, our new gallery in Pontypool. Celia joined us for the opening, bringing her pinhole cameras and negatives.

Celia presenting one of her pinhole cameras and negatives 

Exhibition info is also available as an audio recording in English and Welsh,
kindly read for us by Celia and her daughter Clara.

We'd like to thank everyone who came despite the wintry weather!

Next Saturday, as part of the Love Pontypool event, Celia will be in the gallery with us again; we're going to join the celebrations in town & venture out on a pinhole-taking walk, while the gallery will be open as usual between 11 to 6. Everyone is welcome to come and learn more about pinhole photography!

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