Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Big News!! the*kickplate*project is now on kickstarter

Mornin' all,

Last night, while some of you may have been tucked up in bed, we launched our kickstarter project.Our goal is to raise a small sum of money to keep the gallery open for at least another month. All the funding will go towards our next exhibition - a collection of collaborative works by artists from around the world, many of whom have never met in person and are from such a range of diverse cultures that it will truly be a global collaboration of photography.

Up until now we have managed to fund the exhibitions ourselves, with the odd small donation from local people, but now we need your help too. We took the decision that our funding should be as much of a collaboration as the artworks we intend to show, so that's why we choose kickstarter and crowd funding for this next project.

If you can't donate yourself all we ask is that you go to the page and read about what we're doing and if you like it - tell somebody, maybe they can donate or knows someone that's interested. If you're on facebook, please like the project and if you tweet, pass on the word. We can only succeed with your help to spread the word.

If you haven't heard of kickstarter before, it's a "crowd funding" website, where artists can post projects that they need funding to produce and where members of the public can donate directly to that project.

Follow the link to kickstarter and there you'll see a short silent film we put together showing Abertillery and the gallery.

Thank you very much,
Dafydd & Zosia

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