Saturday, 24 August 2013

behind her "I"s - last day

Hi everyone,

At 6pm today and after one final cup of tea, we closed our second exhibition "behind her 'I's". We'd like to thank all the artists that allowed us to exhibit their work and to everyone that came to see us, both in person and virtually.

We have already started planning our next exhibition for September and hope to have more details for you soon. Until then you can continue to follow us here, our facebook page and even as we try to get to grips with twitter.

Finally, as you may have already seen, we recently started a kickstarter project to help fund our next exhibition. Please take a second to have a look and help us spread the word.

A big thank you to:

Marit Beer
Sophie Berdzenishvili
Hanan Kazma
Mariya Kozhanova
Mano Svanidze

See you soon,
Dafydd and Zosia

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