Sunday, 2 March 2014

introducing 'dall'Esterno' artists: Marina Frolova

Marina Frolova is a Ukrainian photographer based in Sevastopol. 

In her work, Marina draws on the aesthetics of old studio photography, intertwining them with elements of theatre and burlesque, as well as mythical motives, which give Marina’s images a surreal atmosphere. 

Using several different layers in her images, Marina creates photographs that have a three-dimensional quality of a diorama, and a depth that draws the viewer in, which makes her photographs both lifelike and unreal. This impression is further deepened by the red and blue hues and aquatic imagery, another recurrent theme in Marina’s work. 

Some of the characters in her photos are also portrayed with attributes which seem to belong to her own individual set of symbols, a personal mythology.  

Marina is part of a Ukrainian photography collective, UPHA. You can find more of her images in her portfolio and on UPHA's page. There is also more information about the projects she participated in here.

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