Saturday, 1 March 2014

introducing 'dall'Esterno' artists: Yulia Kazban

Yulia Kazban is a Ukrainian-born photographer currently living and working in Moscow, Russia. 

Yulia works with film photography and prints her own images using a variety of traditional techniques which give many of her images a feel of old illustrations. She works with a variety of subjects, from portrait through landscape, cityscape and still life to abstract

As a visual artist, Yulia is reluctant to describe the process of her work or what meaning or context they may have to her, preferring to let the images speak to the viewer themselves: 

It can influence the viewer or not. The viewer can feel the author's intention or not, can find something for themselves or not, feel changes inside or not. 

Often any description is superfluous. I don't like to use words for telling the viewer about the specific context and hold them in the framework. I don't like to pull the work into an invented result.  If I want to create borders for the viewer, I have to create those borders through my work, without instructions and descriptions. 

We at the*kickplate*project agree with this sentiment and will therefore let Yulia's photography speak for itself.  You can find her images on her page and flickr.

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