Wednesday, 5 March 2014

introducing 'dall'Esterno' artists: Mariya Kozhanova

"I like to work with photography. I love the way how it reflects the world. And I love how it singles out the main essence. Because the most important thing is not what is there, it matters what you are looking at and what you are seeing."

Mariya Kozhanova was born in 1986 in Kaliningrad, Russia. She started with photography classes at the Kaliningrad Union of Photographers, studying analogue camera techniques.

As part of the exhibition we will be showing several images from Mariya’s collection “Two Sisters”, where in a tender series of portraits and still lifes Mariya depicts the complex relationship between two individuals linked in a way that is impossible to separate or escape.

Despite the soft tones and focus, what emerges from the beautiful and graceful imagery is the friction usually hidden in these relationships. What we see penetrating the delicate and misty images is tension – their softness pricked by the points of angular forms and silhouettes.

You can see more of the series and more photographs by Mariya in her portfolio and on her Facebook page.

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