Tuesday, 14 October 2014

"roath" by Dafydd Williams

Apart from 'waiting list', there's another exhibition included in Made in Roath 
that we'd like to tell you about:


roath is a collection of portraits taken on the streets of Roath using a homemade field camera.

The models in the photos are the residents of Roath: people who have lived there for the majority of their lives, and who therefore feel a strong bond with the district. They are both “made in” and “make” Roath, and I hope to capture the spirit and diversity of the place through the faces of those who inhabit it.

As part of the exhibition, and rather than printing the images and then bring them to the gallery, the gallery space will itself become part of the printing process. It will be turned into a darkroom and, using liquid photo emulsion, the walls will be turned into prints. The images will be contact printed directly onto the gallery and developed there in situ.

The space, with all its own quirks and faults, will then become part of the exhibition rather than simply a hanging, or presentation space. For me as an artist, it’s an opportunity to experiment with the concepts of curating and presenting a photographic exhibition.

roath is opening on Thursday at 7 in The Abacus 

 St David’s House, CF10 1ER
Thu 16th – Fri 30th Oct
Mon-Sat 11–7, Sun 12–5

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