Monday, 13 October 2014

"waiting list": introducing Melih Dönmezer

Melih Dönmezer is a Turkish photographer based in Eskisehir.

In his work, Melih uses a variety of techniques to manipulate his images. He mixes analogue and digital cameras (his favourite ones being Wizen SM111and Zenit ET) and postproduction tools, such as overlaying images with scanned paper.

He creates a distinctive imagery, often erasing or obscuring the faces of the characters in his photographs, which along with off-kilter composition or dream-like, foggy landscapes and unusual close-ups, give his images a slightly ominous and mysterious atmosphere. 

Melih’s images, whether static or dynamic, are intense, with a grainy feel, high contrast and multiple layers that engage the viewer and force us to look closer.

You can see Melih photos on his page and on Flickr.

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