Saturday, 29 August 2015

after the first week

Dear all,

both Hanbury Road Gallery and "partially here" by Hanan Kazma, our first show, have now been open for a week. It was a great one too, with lots of visitors, interesting comments and a super positive feedback! 

This week we were part of Caerphilly Creatives Arts Week, a very positive event which we hope 
will happen again in the future!

We've been exploring Bargoed a bit more and found some interesting things, including a palm tree, which is quite alive, and for those of you unfamiliar with climate-resilient British flora might seem peculiar (in a good way), as it still does to 50% members of our project!

We have also been trying out different routes leading from Bargoed to Abertillery (which is where we live), and we'd like to encourage everyone from outside the Valleys to come and explore this fantastic region, be it by bus or car! We hope our gallery will give you an excuse, which should not be needed considering views like this one:

  More updates about "partially here" (on till the 16th of September!), Hanbury Road Gallery and Bargoed coming soon - for now we're off for our weekend break!

PS And while you're waiting for the exhibition to re-open on Tuesday morning, read an interview with Hanan on the page of the Finnish project Laatikkomo - both the interview and Laatikkomo are very interesting.

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