Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Hanan Kazma - artist info (English)

“partially here” is a collection of images by Lebanese photographer and artist Hanan Kazma. Currently living and working in Tripoli, Lebanon, Hanan is a former paediatric dental surgeon and self-taught photographer.

For this exhibition, we have chosen a selection of Hanan's portraits. Working with herself as model and inspiration, she uses both post-processing and in-camera techniques to create her unique style of portraiture. Mixing traditional techniques like multiple and long exposures, with digital manipulation and photographing herself with an underwater camera, Hanan uses her images as a way of exploring her emotions and reinventing her identity.

Hanan’s images are an attempt to visually represent the parts of our personality that we don’t share outwardly with others, or as a way to explore and study the emotions we wouldn’t normally get to see and scrutinise, in an attempt to understand them better. 

Hanan is a prolific artist and has published and designed several solo books of photography, three photography and poetry collaborations with American artist Richard Leach, as well as group publications. She frequently cooperates with photographers from around the world, as can be seen in her series of portraits “di-a-log”. Recently, she participated in the Finnish project Laatikkomo. In 2011 Hanan had her first solo exhibition in Tripoli, Lebanon which was accompanied by the book “In Solitude and Out of Control”

 You can find Hanan's work on Tumblr and on her page.

The exhibition is opening on the 22nd of August in Hanbury Road Gallery, 52 Hanbury Rd, Bargoed, CF81 8QW, Wales. You can join our facebook event here.

Stay tuned for updates!

[Welsh exhibition info coming soon]

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