Monday, 26 October 2015

"chemical bath" walls: wall IV - Toralf Sümmchen

Morning everyone,

today we're presenting the last part of "chemical bath" walls, this time featuring wet plate collodion images by German artist based in New York, Toralf Sümmchen.

In short, wet plate collodion is a technique where the photographer coats a metal or glass plate with a layer of iodized collodion and then dips it in a silver nitrate bath, creating either an ambrotype (on glass) or a tintype (on metal). Ambrotypes were first introduced in the 1850s. Tintypes, which came shortly after, used to be popular with itinerant photographers travelling from one tourist resort to another, and with street photographers, during the second half of the 19th century.

tintype (left) ambrotype on clear glass (right)

tintype (left), ambrotype on clear glass (middle), tintype (right)


(Some colours may vary from reality)

Visit Toralf's page and facebook to see more images!


This was the last update about "chemical bath", now keep your eyes peeled for info about
our next show - a solo exhibition by Andrew Pershin, opening on Thursday!

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