Tuesday, 27 October 2015

"in passing" by Andrew Pershin - more info

in passing is a solo exhibition featuring Russian artist Andrew Pershin. Andrew is a photographer, printer and poet from Rostov-on-Don near the Sea of Azov. Andrew specialises in analogue photography and uses traditional printing techniques, like lith prints and the RA4 colour process, often experimenting with expired film and paper, which lets him create subtle hues and rich textures. Andrew uses analogue techniques to portray his perception of nature, with trees and landscapes shaped by the seasons, changing colours and light, some of them more abstract than real, and other showing the harmony of natural lines and shapes. In his photographs, human presence is quiet and unassuming.

from to bottom: Juna, perhaps, immersion, signal aspect

You can find Andrew's photographs on his page.

The exhibition is opening on Thursday, the 29th of October, at 6
52 Hanbury Road, Bargoed, 
and will run until the 21st of November.

Welsh info coming soon!

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