Wednesday, 21 October 2015

exhibition plans update & "chemical bath" walls: wall I, part 2: Charles Guerin


before our new exhibition, a solo show by Russian photographer Andrew Pershin, opens on Thursday the 29th of October (more info coming soon!), we'd like to show you some images of "chemical bath" walls - for those of you who couldn't make it to Bargoed.

Here is our second exhibition wall update - this time presenting photographs by French artist Charles Guerin.

Charles uses a variety of traditional and alternative techniques and "chemical bath" presented five of them - and seven images:

left to right: gumoil print and gum over kallitype

first image: cyanotype (toned)  
second and third image: wet plate collodion (ambrotype - collodion positive)

Some colours may vary from reality

Visit Charles's flickr and facebook to see more of his images! 
(and to find more technical info about the printing processes)


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