Wednesday, 25 September 2013

"collaborators" - a full list of participating artists

Evening everyone, 

due to an unusual amount of morning fog that beset our Valley (see below) and whimsical afternoon sun, we haven't been able to take satisfactory shots of our gallery walls - it should happen soon though, so bear with us. 

 Meanwhile, here's a full list, in reverse alphabetical order, of all the artists participating in the current exhibition along with the links to their pages and portofolios. 


1. Birgit Zartl, Austria

2. Dafydd Williams, Wales

4. Debora Schmidt, Germany

6. Mihail Petkov, Bulgaria

8. Zosia Krasnowolska, Poland

9. Hanan Kazma, Lebanon

10. Ilil Iram, Israel

11. Kim Hoxworth, USA

12. Mark Erickson, USA

13. Pierre-Henri Crave, France

14. Alicja Anna Chudzik, Poland

16. Nóra Barabás, Hungary

17. Jill Auville, USA

18. Jeremy Anderson, USA

To sum up: 18 artists, most of whom have never met in person, from 12 different countries, gathered in one small Welsh town. 

P.S. As some of you may have observed, two of the collaborators haven't been introduced on our blog. It's us, Dafydd and Zosia, as we are currently a bit too tired to talk about ourselves - but we are no.17 and no.18 :-)

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