Monday, 16 September 2013

introducing our collaborators, Mihail Petkov and Debora Schmidt

Mihail Petkov is a Bulgarian photographer, painter and graphic artist who shares his time between the capital city of Sofia and Vidin, a small town located on the north-west border of Bulgaria on the shore of Danube. Mihail was born in 1978 and studied fine art graphics at the Veliko Tarnovo University.

In his work, Mihail uses both traditional tools, such as paint, as well as digital photography and mixed media. Mihail works with different editing and postproduction tools, such as digital overlays and photomanipulation. His largely abstract photographs are created with a prevalently dim palette of colours, depticting elements of real and imaginary urban spaces, bleak, hallucinatory and often bearing kafkesque or political references. Mihail's distopian visions of cities are contrasted by much lighter and warmer, atmospheric and sometimes impressionist portrayals of nature and waterscapes, a refuge from the trapping of urban existence. 

You can find Mihail's work on his page

Debora Schmidt is a German photographer living in Bad Arolsen. Her photography is dominated by vibrant colours, airyness and light. In her photography, mostly digital, Debora depicts cityscapes, landscapes and still life, but no matter what her subject matter is, she captures it from a predominantly abstract perspective. Rather than her images being defined by their context, she focuses on their texture and colours and defines them by what they're made of rather than what they are. Debora's style is characterised by a certain playfulness and a fondness for shapes and patterns. 

Recently she has been experimenting with kaleidoscopes, square arrangements of multiple copies of images to create larger aesthetic forms. Debora has also collaborated with other artists creating diptychs. The colours appearing in those images are quite often delicate, rendering serene, dream-like seascapes and images of natural greens, both calming and overwhelming.

You can see Debora's images on Tumblr and on her page

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