Tuesday, 17 September 2013

introducing our collaborators, Pierre-Henri Crave and Alicja Anna Chudzik

Pierre-Henry Crave is a French photographer and collagist living and working in Perpignan. In his photography Pierre-Henri normally works with a digital medium and his images can be characterised by his deliberate use of a small focus areas and a shallow depth of field. Often putting a single individual just outside the area in focus, he achieves a disconnection between the photographer and the model that captures a sense seeing without knowing. There is a feeling of fleetingness to his images and you can feel the distance created between the model and the viewer that creates a sense of loneliness. 

Pierre-Henry also arranges and photographs still-life, using objects and light that do not seem to portray existing memories, they in fact seem to give the impression of someone trying to remember a forgotten memory. Pierre-Henri, in his photographs of nature, combines the techniques he uses in his conceptual and still life photography to create images that seem unnatural, or otherworldly. Using a small focus area and muted colours he turns nature into a still life, without losing all its dynamism and life. 

You can see more of Pierre-Henri's photos on his portfolio and page.

Alicja Anna Chudzik is a Polish-born artist and photographer currently living in France. In her work, Alicja often uses mixed media, linking drawings, photographs and post-production tools, which give her images a multi-dimensional and surreal feel.

She takes both analogue and digital photographs; a lot fo her work is conceptual and explores the issues of identity and representation. The image she creates, however, is not always one of discovery, but one of deconstruction. Many of her photographs are long exposures that through the movement and a flow of images create a sense of disconnection from reality. Most of Alicja's work is black and white, with an occasional use of colour, and many of the stories she tells through her pictures are quite dark, escapist narratives.

Alicja has collaborated with other artists on some of her photos, creating diptychs and image overlays creating further interpretations of her and other artists' work.

If you'd like to see more of Alicja's photos, visit her page.

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