Sunday, 15 September 2013

introducing our collaborators, Stefanie le Pape, Ilil Iram and Nóra Barabás

Stefanie le Pape is a New York-based experimental photographer, whose favourite tools are Holga and Lens Baby for her digital camera. Stefanie creates multi-levelled images by using either double, multiple or long exposures and reflections; her images are vibrant and full of movement, and could be described as a photographic stream of consciousness. In her series "My NY hOlga", Stefanie captured the vitality and chaos of New York in an attempt to render the spirit of the city as she sees it:

"Ever restless and dimensional
A vibrating hometown...
Equipped with a passion and nostalgia"

Having experimented with different styles and techniques, Stefanie has recently been working with the limits of digital imagery by using mobile technology, seeing it as a natural progression of her experimentation with "all the potential painting with light presents. Even if by way of pixilated codes pixelated." As Stefanie says

"I am self taught, intuitively and compulsively creative. While skill and understanding the technical aspects of any apparatus to one's 'soul' empowers the ability to realize one's visions, it should compliment and not rule over ingenuity and discovering one's heART via trial and error." 

You can find Stefanie's work in her portfolio, on redbubble and flickr.  

Ilil Iram is an artist living and working in Israel. She is a theatre set and costume designer, engaged in recent years with photography and digital processing. Ilil also creates art through traditional mediums: oil on canvas, and embossments.

In her photography, Ilil works with images on different levels, often by cutting and multiplying them, taming plants and nature by arranging them in geometric patterns, and giving them a new look, sometimes humorous.

Many of her pictures are elements of urban landscapes, resembling a more balanced aesthetic rather than blunt human creations. Her abstract images are dominated by pastel colours, often delicate and full of light

Ilil has collaborated with many other artists, sometimes by creating ditpychs and often by "rephrasing" other artists' work with digital tools, by working with the details of their images, and giving them a new meaning by taking them out of their original context - turning summer lanscapes into winter ones, looking at the images hidden in the corners, 'repainting' them, creating collages and thus giving them a different life.
You can find Ilil's work on her page and on flickr. 

Nóra Barabás is a Hungarian photographer living in Szeged. She uses both analogue and digital tools and her photography is dominated by images rendering how different emotional states affect our perception of the world, and how the external realities impact our feelings. Her photographs are highly contemplative, often exploring the question of isolation - not only in its negative context, but as an important force shaping human self-awareness. 
Colours rarely appear in Nóra’s images; her favourite form of self-expression is black and white photography as she finds that colouristic minimalism helps her focus on understanding her subjects. Her work covers a variety of techniques, including multiple and double exposure, sunprint, collage, as well as analogue and digital overlays

Nóra often collaborates with other photographers creating original images and diptychs, putting hers and other artists’ work in new frames or a dialogue. 

She also runs regular features on her blog, curating journals bringing together the works of other artists, often accompanied by literary and musical quotes that compliment the visual contents and act as her commentary. 

You can find Nóra's photographs on her page.


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