Friday, 27 September 2013

our walls: part I

Evening everyone,

today we finally had a nice and sunny morning in our Valley, so here are some photos of the gallery walls:

our Kickstarter contributors board and "LIBERTE", 
a collab between Alicja Anna Chudzik (Poland) and Pierre-Henri Crave (France)

"Mind Traps" by Isabelle Thibeault-Jolin (Canada) and Hanan Kazma (Lebanon)
and "never look back" by Stefanie le Pape (USA) and Birgit Zartl (Austria)

"crime number one" by Alicja Anna Chudzik (Poland) and Pierre-Henri Crave (France)
and "They Grow Up So Fast" by Jill Auville (USA) and Jeremy Anderson (USA).

 If you'd like to find out more about the artists, go to our previous blog entry
for a full list and links to their pages.

 Some colours may be slightly different than in reality,
so it's best if you just pop in to Abertillery -
we're only half way through the exhibition!

And for those of you in faraway lands, we've got Skype tours -
just drop us an email.

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