Tuesday 10 September 2013

collaborators - 18 international photographers come together!

an international photo exhibition 
“collaborators” is a photographic exhibition in Abertillery, Wales, featuring collaborative works of art by international artists, such as diptychs, films swaps and kaleidoscopes. 
Most of the images were created by artists who have never met in person and collaborate via internet platforms. Some of the photographs had initially been created independently and then turned into collaborations only later; some of them were created as collaborative works of art from their conception. In some of the final images, the common themes and colours result from the concept of the artists; in some of them, like film swaps, the final image is incidental. 
Apart from a form of aesthetic and intellectual game between the artists, there is another level to some of the exchanges: the goal is to bridge not only the geographical distance between the countries, but also the political or cultural differences between them and to create images that are universal. 
The diptychs were created by digitally combining two images, either digital or analogue. The film swaps were created by one photographer shooting a roll of film, or a Polaroid image, and then sending it to a different artist without developing it, who then used the same roll of film. The resulting images are double-exposures. Kaleidoscopes are composed by different artists arranging multiple copies of their and other photographs into one square image, resembling the random but visually matching combinations of pieces of glass inside a kaleidoscope.
“collaborators” is the third event organised by the*kickplate*project, an initiative to bring high-quality international art to people who are not the target audience of art.
26 Church Street, Abertillery, Blaenau Gwent
 17 September – 8 October 2013

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